Pro Tip: Nettle Sting

Okay, so you made a herbaceous mistake by walking off trail and now the whole left side of your body is stinging with pain. Ouch. You're another hapless victim of the infamous stinging nettle, found in nearly every part of the Pacific Northwest. The plant is full of tiny hairs that act like hypodermic needles injecting you with chemicals that produce that all too familiar stinging sensation.

Not to fear, nature is on your side. Quite literally. Take a quick look around and locate a sword fern. As luck would have it, they usually grow in the same environment. Pull off a frond of the fern and rub the spores on the underside of the fern directly onto the affected area. Ah, relief at last. If you can't find a fern, don't worry, the stinging will run its harmless course and you'll feel fine soon enough.

Filmed at Sand Point Beach on the northern coast of Washington.