Serene Birthday


Serene Birthday

A trip report for Lake Serene & Bridal Veil Falls
Posted by John Escher
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: No snow

My co-worker asked me if I had retired from hiking because I hadn't regaled him with any new material in a while. (What, are my climbing stories from two years ago getting stale? It was a big goat, damn it!) So for my birthday, I decided to gift myself the great outdoors. How about playing hooky from work, getting a hall pass from the wife and kids, and spending a day in the Enchantments? Perfect. Only thing is that an hour away from Seattle, I realized I had left my wallet on the kitchen counter. And the gas tank was half full. Sorry, not going over the montañas that day. And so I pulled up the old Tmber website and switched to Lake Serene, just a few miles outside Gold Bar. Plenty of gas for that.
Even on a weekday, the trail was going off in full effect. Plenty of people, but all of them friendly and all of them stoked to see the views at the falls and the lake. The water was as warm as August up there, and we were all jumping off Lunch Rock and enjoying the sun all day long. Trail is in great shape.

Bridal Veil Falls still running strong despite the lack of rain.

Nice pano of the lake basin.

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Best birthday present ever!!