High Divide Celebration


High Divide Celebration

A trip report for High Divide (Seven Lakes)
Posted by John Escher
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Bring spray
Snow Level: No snow

Unbelievable three-day trek through the High Divide with my brother who just finished his doctorate. Well deserved time away for celebration and relaxation. I have done this same route in the past at the exact same time of year and the conditions were completely different because of the lack of snow this year — the trail and lakes are all melted out and it is spectacular up there. We had a blast swimming, camping, and exploring the basin and surrounding peaks. Pro tip though: definitely bring as much bug protection as you can.

Mount Olympus in your face. Unbelievable.

The Rodeo Drive of the Olympics

Just a couple of studs at a waterfall. No big deal.

This is pretty much how we felt the whole time. Raise the roof.