Colchuck Lake "Amazing Day"


Colchuck Lake "Amazing Day"

A trip report for Colchuck Lake
Posted by DawnShimabukuro
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: Starts at 4,000 ft

Everything I imagined it would be and more. My one regret is that I only started hiking "for real" this year( I could have been experiencing these beautiful hikes long before this). The hike to Colchuck Lake was as spectacular as the Canadian Rockies (the Banff area especially). We are already planning our extended trip in to the enchantments next summer. We had perfect weather conditions, the snow on the trail made for an interesting descent but with careful steps we all made it down just fine. Again, I feel privileged at having had the opportunity to experience the northwest in a way that not many can say they have. I loved the colors, the textures, the fresh smell of the earth and the sound of the water rushing down the rivers and falls. The moss was so pretty covering the granite and trees, and the snow was spotting the forest like a Bev Doolittle painting. As far as the trail itself, the first 2-1/2 miles were pretty easy, after the first bridge is when the real climbing starts and that last 800' was grueling...but really fun! I felt like I was actually climbing a mountain, traversing across granite slabs and doing a virtual stair climb up tree roots and snow and river bed. I was so excited to get to the top, I almost forgot about how hard it really was. We got to spread out at the viewpoint and take some time to relax (a couple of hikers in our group even napped for a few minutes, under the warm rays of the sun). It was definitely hard to leave the "summit"...So glad we got the chance to do this!

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Would like to try this one sometime soon. We also like to try Enchantment Lake next Summer. My husband camped there once when he was younger. He said it was a great experience. The memory last for a lifetime.

Stunning photos! So glad you were able to get this hike in before the trail gets too snowy. What a lovely day.