These Beers are Made By Walking

A few years ago, we discovered Beers Made By Walking (BMBW), who had just launched a series of hikes in Colorado Springs that culminated in a whole lot of fun, beer drinking, and charitable giving. We were sold then – pure brilliance, we said. Fast forward to today, when we practically had our socks knocked off upon discovering that BMBW has traveled to the great PNW, and are here – yes, even as the words are being writ – in Seattle. Good news all around.

Here's the scoop: head on over to their site, and reserve yourself a (free) ticket for a hike through Discovery Park on July 22nd. Meander through the park with brewers from Naked City Brewing and Fremont Brewing, along with several other great folks, and let the magic begin. From BMBW:

In addition to learning about water issues in the region, hikers will learn about the edible and medicinal plants that grow along the trail. These plants will inspire a series of beers that will serve as drinkable, landscape portraits of the trails that we walk. In the Fall, these beers will be available to the public and will serve as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed.

Awesome, right? Tickets go on sale today, July 15.